Hi Everyone,

I’ve just updated this list with the remaining 2nd session coaches and managers.

For new coaches and managers, thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena.

All coaches’ emails can be found here http://marylandsportsarena.com/update.htm

The last update shows all projected to start dates for session 2.

Also, please review our rules http://marylandsportsarena.com/rules.htm and first session coaches’ meeting summary http://marylandsportsarena.com/coachesmeeting.htm .

We will not have a coaches meeting for session 2.

If, after reading the above documents, you still have questions, please email me at info@marylandsportsarena.com .


For session 2 teams, I need any bye requests before this weekend.

I CANNOT change the schedule after it goes online unless I missed a request.

Last session, I had over 100 requests.

I prefer NOT to do time requests unless it’s a complete necessity.

I CANNOT guarantee time requests unless you gave them to me when you registered.

But I will try.

If you’re planning on a spring outdoor tournament note that in your bye request.


If you are playing in the CMSA on Sunday, please email me.

I coordinate with CMSA to insure you are not scheduled the same time as your indoor game.

You should also note that you’re playing the Maryland Sports Arena if you register in the CMSA.


For session 1 teams, thank you for playing our first session!

There are many playoff games over the next week.


If your game is protested, I will check the waivers submitted by your team.

No waiver = FORFEIT.

Likewise, if you protest your game, you must have submitted your waivers.

Please refer to the rules and follow the procedures listed.

I won’t consider any protests unless you do it by the rules.

Hopefully everyone will show good sportsmanship!


I am going to send 2 emails from 2 different mail servers to everyone.

The first mail server will list info@marylandsportsarena.com .

The second will be from marylandsportsarena@comcast.net

If you don’t receive both, please check your junk mail settings.

Last session, a few coaches did not receive emails regarding games.

No need to respond.


On a few spots remain for session 2.

I can accept 1 team in the U9B/C Girls Division on Sunday Morning and Afternoon.

I can accept 1 team in the HS COED league which plays on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon/evening.

Please refer these openings to your club or anyone who might have an interest.


I’ll have additional info shortly.

Thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena and good luck to your team!



Ron Szczybor
Web: marylandsportsarena.com
Email: info@marylandsportsarena.com
Phone: (410) 538-7300



January 20, 2020


Hi Everyone,

We’re in the last weeks of session 1.

Here’s the projected start dates for session 2 leagues.

Friday leagues – January 31st

Saturday leagues – U18/19 Boys will begin this week.  Remaining older age groups (teams that play in the evening) will begin on Feb 1.  Younger teams (U8 thru U12) will begin on Feb.8.

Sunday leagues – Younger leagues (U8 thru U11) will begin on Feb 2nd.   Older leagues may have a game this weekend.  Remaining older leagues will begin on Feb 2nd.

Monday thru Thursday Leagues will begin the week of February 3rd.


If you have a no play day/bye request, please email it to me immediately at info@marylandsportsarena.com

I cannot change schedules once they are online unless I missed a request.


Last session, I had over 100 requests.

I will work these requests into your schedules.

MSA has 7 games (4 youth & 3 adult) Monday thru Friday with approximately 17 teams playing in those leagues.

On the weekends, we have 18 games with approximately 42-45 teams playing in those leagues.

Leagues will last 8 to 10 weeks.


We have very limited spots for session 2.

Right now I need 1 additional u8or u9b girls due to a last minute drop.

I can also accept 1 additional team in our HS Coed division.


Please do not email me asking for your schedule or a time frame as to when your schedule will be released.

Due to a large amount of requests, I have to manipulate the schedules to fit (especially on weekends).


I will keep everyone updated thru emails.

You can also read thru past emails here http://marylandsportsarena.com/update.htm

If you are a new team for session 2, please read our  coaches meeting summary here http://marylandsportsarena.com/coachesmeeting.htm .

You may also want to share this link with your parents.


Last but not least, if you still have a team you wish to enter, please email me.  I can still fit a team or two in a few leagues.


Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!



Ron Szczybor
Web: marylandsportsarena.com
Email: info@marylandsportsarena.com
Phone: (410) 538-7300



January 16, 2020


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for playing in our Winter Indoor Session 1.

Most leagues are in their final few weeks.

If you have not registered for session 2 and still wish to do so, please email me immediately at info@marylandsportsarena.com

If you are a 1st session team that has confirmed with me, your league fees are due week 1.


Regarding session 1, depending on the size of your league, you will or will not have a playoff round.

It is listed on your schedule.  If it’s not listed on your schedule, you have a straight season.

For non playoff leagues, league champion is determined by total points.

Please refer to http://marylandsportsarena.com/rules.htm if you are tied.


Each player on the first place team receives a Maryland Sports Arena Champion Medallion.

Each player on the 2nd place team receives a Maryland Sports Arena Finalist Medallion.

You CANNOT add additional players to your roster.

Please do not use illegal players.

If a player is protested and a liability waiver/roster form has not been submitted, you forfeit.

A forfeit was awarded last week after a protest due to illegal players.

If you wish to protest a player, the referee must be notified prior to the end of the game.

Please see http://marylandsportsarena.com/rules.htm for complete details regarding a protest.


Just a quick reminder regarding SPORTSMANSHIP.  

Please remember you are coaching children, not adults.

Your conduct will influence their future behavior.

Your opponents, officials, Maryland Sports Arena staff and spectators should be treated with respect.

Please do not use profanity in front of players.

If there’s an issue in the stands with unruly fans, please notify the concession stand.

We will resolve it.

If we can’t resolve it, the Harford County Sheriff’s office will be called.


Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!



Ron Szczybor
Web: marylandsportsarena.com
Email: info@marylandsportsarena.com
Phone: (410) 538-7300





December 13, 2019


Hi Everyone,


I’ve added a coaches/parents/players update page on our website, with all emails sent to coaches included.  Here’s the link http://marylandsportsarena.com/update.htm


All scores and standings are updated through Thursday December 12th.  If your score is incorrect please email me.  Maximum goal differential reported will be 9.


There appears to be some confusion regarding the “kill rule”.  You are allowed to add up to 3 players on the field if it appears the game is going to be totally one sided.  For example, the score is 6 to 0 after 5 minutes.  Please add the extra players, especially for younger kids.

I’ve played and coached soccer for over 50 years and in my opinion you accomplish nothing by allowing your players to be pummeled without adding the players.

Young boys and girls want to play! 

You’ll give your players added play time and challenge the opponent who’s stronger.

Score will be reported as a 6-0 win for your opponent.


All teams are guaranteed a spot in session 2 provided they let me know something by December 23rd.   For current teams, I do not require a deposit.  I do require a firm commitment and for you to stand by your word if you commit.   After December 23rd, spots are no longer guaranteed however you’ll still able to register (provided there are still openings).   IF you know you are not playing session 2, please let me know as soon as possible.  We will begin session 2 the week immediately following your league end for the majority of leagues.  All leagues are projected to remain on the same days.   You can change divisions if the level of play is too strong or weak for your team.


Regarding session 2, if you play on Sundays, CMSA will coordinate with us to insure you are not scheduled to play in both leagues at the same time.   I project about a 3 week overlap in the spring.  Maybe less, depending on the weather.


Registration for our Winter Indoor Soccer Tournament is very strong this year.  Some groups are close to being full.  If you have an interest or would like to register, please go here http://marylandsportsarena.com/2019holidaytournament.htm


Information for our 30th annual Valentine’s Tournament is now online as well.   Additional info may be found here http://marylandsportsarena.com/valentines.htm  This tournament has historically sold out!



Finally, I teach a program on Mondays for 4, 5 & 6 year old.  We currently have 7 children registered.  I need at least 10.  We’ll either start this Monday or the first Monday in the New Year.  Info is here http://marylandsportsarena.com/germanschool456.htm  If you know anyone with young children interest is a FUN learning soccer experience,  please forward the info.


Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!



Ron Szczybor
Web: marylandsportsarena.com
Email: info@marylandsportsarena.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marylandsportsarena
Phone: (410) 538-7300