Dear Coaches and Managers,

As I stated in previous emails, I want everyone to be safe at the Maryland Sports Arena.

We take Covid and required Covid protocols very seriously.

During the last several weeks, I’ve received several notifications regarding players with Covid or players being quarantined.

Most were done in a timely manner i.e. 24 hours prior to the game.

I will try to reschedule these games.

Notifying me a few hours prior to your game is not acceptable.

Less than 24 hours will be a forfeit for your team.

That was stated in our coaches meeting.

If you’re a last minute no show, referees still have to paid.

My staff still has to be paid.

I cannot reschedule other games or rent the facility to cover your no show.

If I cannot reschedule a game or rent the time due to a last minute no show notification, you are required to pay a $100 forfeit fee.

Hopefully there’s no Covid issues with your team however you need to be in contact with your parents or players to make sure there’s not a problem.

Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!





Dear Parents and Coaches,

We appreciate you choosing the Maryland Sports Arena for your child and look forward to providing a positive experience.

It’s been a crazy few years with Covid.

Our priority is safety!

Safety for players, parents, coaches, officials, patrons and employees.

If you or your child is not feeling well, please do not attend your game.

If there is an outbreak of Covid on your team or your team needs to be quarantined, we will reschedule your game.

Safety first!

If you or any of your family feels uncomfortable inside the facility due to the crowds, all games are shown live here http://marylandsportsarena.com/live.htm

Rescheduled games due to Covid will most likely be played on a weeknight at the end of this session.

If we can’t find a suitable time, your game will be scheduled at the end of session 2.

Our session two leagues begin the 1st or 2nd week of February and commitments have already been made.


Please note the following:

·         We have approximately 100 parking spaces.  Our front and the rear leased lot behind the West Shore Office Building.  Please do not park in the front of the West Shore Office Building or on the gravel lot next to the Maryland Sports Arena.   Your car may be towed!

·         If you arrive late, please see the concession stand for your child’s entry at the front of the facility.  They will signal the official.  The official will let your child enter the next dead ball situation.

·         For wheel chair access, please notify the concession stand.    You can contact them at 410.538.5845.  They will open the side door which accesses the rear leased parking lot.    We originally had a dead bold on this door which we opened and closed daily.  Unfortunately the fire marshal said we could not have a dead bold, so we have to open the door for you.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

·         Enjoy the facility and root for your child and their team.  Please do not shout disparaging comments targeted towards the other teams players or the official.

·         If other patrons are harassing you or showing bad sportsmanship, please contact our managers at the concession stand.

·         All emails sent to coaches may be found here http://marylandsportsarena.com/email.htm

·         League and facility rules may be found here http://marylandsportsarena.com/rules.htm

·         For weather and league announcements, please follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/marylandsportsarena



Good luck and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor








All Winter Session 1 schedules are now online.

Unless I missed a request, your schedules are final.

If your team name doesn’t have your nickname or is incorrect, let me know.

I will correct it!

A few original schedules have had some minor time changes.

Those schedules that have changed have “REVISED” in red at the top.

It’s your responsibility to make sure you have the right time each week for your game.

If you show up at the wrong time, you forfeit and there is no makeup game.

So again, check your schedules and scores each week (even if you’ve lost every game.)

Please note, I try to match teams evenly based on where coaches tell me they should be.

There’s always going to be some mismatches.

For those instances, I have a kill rule.

If your game is clearly a mismatched and you’re on the losing side, at 6-0, you can add 3 players to the field.

Add the 3, not 1.

This will even the game, and make it more competitive for each team.

If will also give your players more game time.

I’ve owned the facility for 32 years and started playing soccer in 1967.

I know what works!

Don’t call me if you didn’t add the players.

The team winning is awarded a 6-0 win.

If the losing team scores, there will always be a 6 goal differential ie a goal scored by losing team, score becomes 7-1.

Refs should stop the scoreboard at that score.

Winning teams will be given a 6-0 win no matter how many goals are scored.

If the game is still one sided, the winning team should try to play two touch and limit any additional scoring.

There’s absolutely no reason I should be seeing scores such 16-0, 20-0 etc.

Don’t be a jerk if you’re winning by running the score up!


PRACTICE TIME - For those teams that were looking for practice time, I have this Friday (Black Friday) during the day.

Right now, I have noon or earlier, at $125 per hour.

4:00pm to 5:25pm $175.


If that’s of interest, let me know.

Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!







Hi Everyone,

All schedules are now online with the exception of High School Boys.

High School Boys will be online tomorrow.

Please note that if you have a TBD (to be determined game) it will be made up during or at the end of the season.

Most likely it will be a different day.

I will email coaches with a date and time once for makeup with plenty of notice.

If you can’t make it work, it will have to be made up at the end of session 2.

I’ve worked with everyone to give them their requests.

If you’re in even team leagues and wonder why you’re not playing certain weeks, it’s due to requests being worked into your schedule.

All teams will receive 8 games as projected.

Please note, not everyone has completed their online roster.

If you have not received a link, email me asap.

Online rosters are required.

Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!








Hi Everyone,

All Sunday schedules are now online.

I will have Friday and Saturday Schedules online Sunday or Monday.

Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!







Hi Everyone,

There’s several changes to the Saturday and Sunday schedule for 11.20/11.21.

St. Joe’s (Trimble) cannot play vs Towson United (U13/14 Girls REC/CYO).

Due to this change, I’ve adjusted times to a 60 minute cycle instead of 55 minutes.

This will give all teams additional warmup time.

3:30 pm Towson United will now play CVSC in the Boys High School Division.

5:30 & 6:30 games have changed due to a previous time request.

Amigos now plays OutKast at 5:30pm.

Loch Raven now plays Shooting Stars at 6:30pm.

On Sunday, Harford Smoke vs St. Joe’s (Bowman) now plays at Noon (U12 Boys REC/CYO)

Mt. Carmel now plays St. Joe’s (Pipkin) at 1PM.

Some times have changed as well.

All times and games highlighted in yellow have changed.


I am not taking any additional requests.

Requests were due by the 1st week of November.

League start dates have been listed online since September 1st here http://marylandsportsarena.com/21_22_session1.htm

I strongly suggest that all coaches read the rules http://marylandsportsarena.com/rules.htm

I will be working on Sunday Schedules tomorrow and hope to have them finished in the next 2 days.

I will complete the Friday/Saturday schedules over the weekend.

I will also prepare a coaches/managers’ meeting summary after the schedules are online.

Please keep in mind that everything you see online, I create.

League schedules, applications, rules etc located on the Maryland Sports Arena Website are done by me.

I answer all phone calls and I answer all emails.

If I’m answering phone calls and emails, I’m not working on your schedules.

Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor







Hi Everyone,

Here’s the schedule for the weekend of Nov 19, 20 & 21st.

If you don’t see your team name or league, you are not scheduled.

High School Boys are playing teams projected to be in their divisions.

There will be 3 divisions of High School Boys.

Some leagues are playing at different projected times due to referee coverage.

If you are scheduled and cannot play, I need you to contact me immediately.

All games need to be back to back for referee coverage.

The above schedule is subject to change.

Complete schedules for Friday, Saturday and Sunday will not be online until next week.



Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!








Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder, your remaining league fees are due by your first game.

If you need another week, let me know.

If not, we expect payment.

We accept cash, checks or credit cards at the concession stand.

You can also pay your balance online http://marylandsportsarena.com/balancepayment.htm


Emails were sent to all parents last night.

If you haven’t completed your online roster, your parents didn’t receive an email.

They were sent a liability waiver to print and bring to your first game.

If your parents forget to bring them, there are extras at the concession stand.


I will have game times for this weekend’s games tomorrow.

If you gave me a no play request you won’t be scheduled.

Complete schedules for Friday, Saturday and Sunday leagues will be online next week.

I will email everyone when they are completed.


Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor




Hi Everyone,

If you play Monday thru Thursday your schedule is online here http://marylandsportsarena.com/schedules_22.htm

Please note, there are 1 or 2 no play weeks in each league.

I've had over 100 requests for session 1.

I'm trying to accommodate everyone's request.

I can't do back to back no play requests.

There are 2 divisions of U11A/12B Boys.  If you don't see your team, please check the other bracket.  If I missed a request, please let me know immediately.

If I don't hear from anyone in the next 24 hours, the schedules are firm and cannot be changed.  

I'm working on weekend schedules.

I'll let you know when they are online.

I'm projecting sometime this week.

Just a reminder, last coaches' meeting is Sunday at 6pm.  Hope to see everyone that did not make either of the first two meetings there!

Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor




Thanks to everyone who attended last night’s meeting.

Last meeting is Sunday Nov 14th at 6pm.

If you or someone from your team has not attended meeting 1 or 2, please attend the meeting Sunday.

Monday thru Thursday Schedules will be online tomorrow.

I will email when the schedules are online.


Here’s what I have for 11.19, 11.20 & 11.21.


U8/9C – No games

U9B/10C – No Games

U10 Rec – No Games

U11/12C Boys – No Games

U11/12 Rec – St. Joe’s Bowman and Harford Smoke can play on 11.21

High School Boys (All 3 conferences) – Teams that can play are:



Old Line Strikers (U16)


NE Indians


Towson United

Loch Raven

Sharp Shooters

Old Line Strikers (U17)



U8 Girls – Baltimore Bays (Lambert) and Old Line (Nearhood) can play.

U9 Girls – No Games

U10 Girls REC – No Games

U10A/11 Girls – PFC (Lattanzi), Fallston (Sauer), Baltimore Bays (Brookshire), Coppermine (Geisbert) can play

U12 Girls REC – St Joe’s (Pipkin), St. Joe’s (Sinz), Evolution Forza can play

U12 Girls – FCUSA and Baltimore Union Select will play Friday evening 11.19 after 6:30

U13/14B Girls – North Chesapeake (Donnelly), Lady Patriots, Fallston (Lumbard) can play

U14 Girls REC – Churville, Blizzard, St. Joe’s (Trimble), Towson United can play

HS Girls – Evolution, Zoomies, Northern Elite can play.



**U8 COED** - St. Joe's (Matt Dickant) will play Dublinton United 11.21 after 4pm


If your team is listed to play but cannot, please email me immediately.

Games need to scheduled together for referee coverage.

Likewise 1 man system needs to be scheduled together, followed by 2 man games for referee coverage.


If I don’t hear back from you by tomorrow, I’m assuming you can play.

If I schedule your team and you notify me next week you cannot play, you will not be rescheduled.

Contact me today or tomorrow if your name is listed above and cannot play!

The above list is only for teams that play on weekends.

The above list is only for Nov 19, 20  & 21.

Other no play requests have been recorded separately.


Last, but not least, I plan on emailing parents a welcome letter discussing sportsmanship, where to go for late arrival and lots available for parking.

About 30 teams have not complete their rosters.

Please compete them asap.


Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor






Thanks to everyone who attended last night’s meeting.

Tonight’s meeting (Wednesday November 10th) is for all Saturday leagues including Boy’s High School.

Regarding Thursday’s meeting, I just found out there’s a Raven’s game at 8pm.

I don’t want to compete with the Ravens.

Thursday’s meeting is being changed to Sunday November 14th at 6pm.

That meeting is for all Sunday leagues plus anyone who could not attend the other meetings.

Last night we discussed a multitude of items which included the awarding of shootouts, what fouls constitute an awarding of shootout, ball placement for non shootout fouls which happened in the penalty box. (Please note there are no penalty kicks, only shootouts), ball positioning for out of bounds and ceiling, walls on kicks, substitutions (guaranteed and substitutions “on the fly” non guaranteed),  Referee whistle and non whistle for restarts, head balls for younger players, balls played on goal kicks, specific goalkeeper rules for each age group, protests, forfeit fees, dissent toward officials, behavior of team fans, sportsmanship, our “kill rule” for mismatched games, online rosters and roster additions, liability waivers for each team and where to find them online, player entry when arriving late for the game, weather cancellations, where to park and much more.

I’ll be discussing everything listed above in tonight’s and Sunday’s meetings.

The meetings are for the benefit of you, your team and your parents.

The meeting lasts about an hour and I answer all questions at the end.

It would be greatly appreciated if a coach, manager or a representative for your team could attend one of the last two meetings.

Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor






Hi Everyone,

We are now sold out for winter session 1.

Thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena and good luck to your teams!

I’m currently working on schedules.

Here’s what I have as requests for the weekend of Nov 19, 20 & 21 ONLY.

This list does not include other requests.

U8 COED CYO/REC – Darlington Worldwide, Bays “C”

U8/9C Boys and U9B/10C Boys will not play on Sunday November 21st due to the Fallston Cup.

U9/10 Boys CYO/REC Division – Churchville Chargers and St. Joe’s (Keating).

U11/12C Boys – Churchville Thunder, North Chesapeake Wolves & Balt Union Select.

U11/12 Boys REC – Churchville Predators

U15/16 Boys – Northern Elite Strikers, Harford Tech

U16/17 Boys – No requests

U17/18/19 Boys – Kroos Control, AFC Lions

U8 Girls – Fallston 1 & 2, Baltimore Union – No 11.21

U9/10C Girls – Mustangs, Baltimore Bays C, Baltimore Union

U10 Girls CYO/REC – Shooting Stars, St. Joes (Bowman)

U10/11 Girls – Tristate Soccer Academy

U12 Girls – FCUSA, North Chesapeake, Baltimore Union (Keener)

U13/14B Girls – Coppermine North

If you cannot play on the above weekend only, please email me immediately.


Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor





Hi Everyone,

All teams should now have an online roster link.  All information is required.

If you have not received your link, please email me.

If possible, please complete your rosters no later than next week.

I would like to send a welcome letter to all parents along with information on parking, late arrival and conduct.

Also note that you will be able to add players until your 6th game.

You may carry up to 18 players on your roster.


If this is your first coaches’ email, you can review previous emails here http://marylandsportsarena.com/email.htm

Information on our coaches’ meetings next week may be found there.


If you have not given me your no play requests, please do so immediately.

No games will be scheduled for teams participating on November 20th & 21st in the Fallston Cup.

Please note, I cannot reschedule or change game times after your schedule is online.

Add players if you’re going to be short.

Your opponent does not want a forfeit and I’m sure you don’t either!


We have 2 league spots left: U9A/10B Boys had a last minute drop.  I can add 1 team to the league.

High School Girls has one opening.

U9A/10 Boys plays Monday with an occasional game on Wednesday.

High School Girls plays early Sunday evening.

Please let your organizations know these spots are available.


Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor



Coaches' meetings are as follows:

Tuesday November 9th - All Weeknight leagues except Boys HS.

Wednesday November 10th - All Saturday leagues including Boys HS.

Thursday November 11th - All Sunday Leagues.

All meetings will be at 8pm at the Maryland Sports Arena. This is a mandatory meeting and will last approximately 1 hour. If you cannot make your designated night, please attend another night. We will discuss league rules, Covid procedures, designated parking overflow areas, late arrival procedures, etc.'
Please have someone from your team attend (coach, manager or parent).
Note, this is not a "pick up the forms for 6 teams and leave" meeting. I need someone here from each team to insure all leagues run smoothly.


Online Rosters

Sometime this week, each team will receive an online link to complete a roster. It will be an online google sheet. Only myself, you, and who you designate will see this information. All info is required especially emails.
You may add players up to your 6th game. All information is required prior to your first game. Each parent will receive an email regarding parent conduct and Covid procedures. It's been my experience that those who don't complete the info are those most likely to harass the official or park illegally. Please complete your roster when you receive the link. SAVE the link for any future additions. If you choose to play session 2, you will not need to complete a new roster. If you have questions, let me know.
Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!
Ron Szczybor

Nov 1, 2021

Thanks for playing Winter Session 1 at the Maryland Sports Arena.

* We start the week of Monday November 15th..

*  If you are playing in the Fallston Cup or any other tournament the weekend of November 20th, please let me know.  You will not be scheduled at the Maryland Sports Arena.

* If you need a no play request on another date during the season, please let me know now.  I cannot change your schedule after it is complete and online unless I miss a request or make a mistake.

* Please have all requests to me by this Wednesday, November 3rd.

* No time requests.

Good luck to your teams and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor