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We Offer the American Professional Version of Indoor Soccer

The Maryland Sports Arena is Maryland’s oldest “total indoor” soccer facility and feature this area’s top indoor field (with professional rubber infill turf), completely enclosed with melamine dasher boards and tempered glass (8 feet high, clear to the floor on the side and 12 feet high behind the goals.)   Our field measures approximately 160 feet by 90 feet.  Our ceilings are open and have a peak height of 40 feet.  Spectators have an unobstructed view of the game through clean, unscratched tempered glass.  We have LED lighting which provides an outdoor “sunny day” light.  The greater brightness improves the game for both players and spectators. Our heating system consists of both radiant heating over the spectator area as well as large heat blowing units to keep spectators warm during the winter. Our indoor soccer game is structured to insure maximum participation, maximum touches on the ball, maximum playing time, maximum player safety and most importantly.....maximum FUN!   Our goal is to offer competitive based leagues in all age groups focusing on good, clean competition. Our indoor play is quicker (than non boarded fields and futsal) and offers substantially more touches on the ball to players.   Enclosed fields are an advantage, not a disadvantage to players. Players receive substantially more playing time due to the ball remaining in bounds.  We play with regulation soccer balls, not weighted balls that are a negative influence for players. 


We’re Now Accepting League Registrations

We are now accepting team registrations for our Youth winter indoor session 1 http://marylandsportsarena.com/21_22_session1.htm our Adult indoor men’s, Over 30 men’s http://marylandsportsarena.com/mens.htm, Coed and Over 30 Coed http://marylandsportsarena.com/coed.htm soccer leagues.  Field rental is also available http://marylandsportsarena.com/rental.htm.  Since our inception 32 years ago, over 60,000 indoor soccer games have been played at our arena.  We average over 2,000 games per year.


We’re Now Accepting Registrations to our Youth and Men’s Tournament

Our men’s $1,000 “winner-take-all tournament is now online here http://marylandsportsarena.com/2021winnertakeall.htm Tournament is being held on Saturday November 6, 2021.  Our youth Winter Tournament will be held during Christmas break in conjunction with professional soccer teams the Harrisburg Heat and Philadelphia Fury.  Information will be online shortly.   Our 32nd Annual Valentine’s Tournament will be held February 11, 12, 13 & 14.  Information will be online shortly.


We’re now accepting registrations for German Soccer School

German Soccer School is celebrating our 10th year at the Maryland Sports Arena.  We offer age appropriate FUN soccer learning and training for ages 4 thru 12.   Additional information may be found here http://marylandsportsarena.com/germanschool456.htm http://marylandsportsarena.com/germanschool789.htm http://marylandsportsarena.com/germanschool101112.htm Both instructors have over 50 years each of soccer playing and coaching experience.

Field Rental

Our regulation indoor soccer field is available to rent.  For current rates please go here http://marylandsportsarena.com/rental.htm Limited time is available from December thru March. 


Individual Training by Soccer Legend Bobby McAvan

For parents looking for a professional soccer trainer, please consider for Baltimore Blast Champion Player and Coach, Bobby McAvan.  Bobby only trains soccer players.  It’s his full time profession and he’s been training students for over 30 years.  Many have had successful High School and College careers and several have turned pro.  Bobby’s Bio can be found here http://marylandsportsarena.com/bobbysbio.htm and information on his individual training program may be found here http://marylandsportsarena.com/individualtraining.htm .  Contact Bobby directly at 410.538.KICK (5425) or email touchliner53@msn.com


All Indoor Soccer Games are Streamed LIVE!

The Maryland Sports Arena was selected by Live Barn to be its first indoor soccer facility for the streaming of indoor soccer games.  (Live Barn has over 1,000 ice hockey facilities streaming live.)  You can watch yours or your child’s game online at http://marylandsportsarena.com/live.htm   (Our promo discount code is msa1-2018) There is a small fee similar to netflix with no long term commitments and cancellation at any time!  Analyze games, player skills or just sit back and enjoy the game on demand.  It’s also a great way to watch a game live if you’re unable to attend.  We are the only facility in this area to offer this service.  We are also the only indoor soccer facility in this area to offer free WIFI to our patrons.


Here’s what the Baltimore Sun reported about us!

Thanks for taking the time to read about our facility.  For more about our soccer philosophy and business, please view this recent Baltimore Sun article http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/harford/fallston-joppa/ph-ag-md-sports-arena-25th-0116-20150115-story.html


If you have any questions or an interest in our leagues, please email us at info@marylandsportsarena.com or call us at 410.538.7300.  We are located at 2723 Pulaski Highway, Edgewood, Maryland 21040. 

Thank you for visiting our website and your support of soccer!


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